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Presenting unique business showcase experience, that will grab attention to your business and generate more sales for you as well.

Alfahologram Egypt

3D & 4D Holographic Displays, Interactive Multimedia, Hologram Images, Multi-touch Systems, Floor/Wall & Rear Projection and more to come.

A leader provider for interactive multimedia solutions. We provide a wide range of products that will empower your business exposure.

Our target is to grab more attention to your business, service and products. Make sure to check our products page to select from a wide range of products that will effectively generate more reputation and catch people’s attention to your brand.


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Why Alfahologram Egypt?

Stunning Show

Alfahologram Egypt guarantee a stunning show for your marketing campaign or event. We ensure the best exposure for your business, products or services.

Be Unique

We provide unique and creative marketing experience. We know how to sell your products in an attractive way.

Affordable Prices

A high technology and attractive show don’t mean that you’ve to pay a lot to sell your products. We guarantee maximum client satisfaction and you will get what you pay for.

Complete Support

Not aware of how to make things work? Don’t worry we provide a dedicated technical support team that knows how to make things work great for you.


Events and campaigns have been easier than before. Just send us a brief about your thoughts and imagination and we will design and develop it for you. We also provide a complete events and campaigns support